Enterprise Solutions

The Enterprise Solution includes all the features of the Pro Version and as well:

Simple administration
Manage the profiles of all employees in one single administration interface. This makes adminsitration easy and allows complete control of the inserted data quality. Setup templates for profiles, for example: To configure links to your corporate website or your corporate facebook site only once.

Complete control
With the QR2Social Enterprise Solution you have complete controll over all data. E.g. link facebook links to the fanpage of your company – not to the private fanpage of your employee. If an employee leaves the company, all contacts remain in your hand. If necessary, you can redirect the contact to a successor.

Your own design
We design the mobile pages according to your CI-specifications to match the appearance of your company.

Other services
To make administration as easy as possible, we can import or synchronize data directly with your employee-database. For an efficient handling of the printed business cards, we also automatically create print-ready files with the assigned QR-Codes for each employee.

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