QR2Social Free Version

QR2Social offers you the possibility to merge your contat data with links to all your social network profiles on one single mobilepage - accessible by an QR-Code.
This QR-Code can be placed on business cards, letterheads – everywhere where someone can scan the QR-Code!

Certainly you can remember several situations where you would have needed a business card, but unfortunately didn't had one with you.
With QR2Social these unpleasant situations belong to the past:
Load the QR-Code directly on the lock screen of your smartphone and simply show it to your contact persons. They scan the code and receive your complete contact data on their device with one click.
The service of QR2Social is free of charge for private customers, freelancers and individual entrepreneurs who only need one QR-Code. If you need more QR-Codes, the Pro Account or Enterprise Solutions is needed.

Scope of services:

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