Social Marketing for Brands

The use of QR-Codes for marketing purposes increases continuously for several years. Well understood, because QR-Codes attract attention and arouse curiosity. So far their use is limited largely to place them on products in order to increase the purchase probability.

The product marketing-solution QR2Social offers you more: Exploit the emotional potential of the customer directly after the purchase of your product and use it to generate a wide range in Social Netwoks. Is ther any branded company you was not dreaming of winning not only a satisfied customer but also his averaged 250+ friends on Facebook as fans? With QR2Social this doesn´t remain a dream, because QR2Social connects not only people but also products with social networks.

QR2Social offers a complete solution for social product marketing. All incl: from the the technical setup up to the conversion tracking on your Facebook-Fanpage. Let us show you the potential for your brand!

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